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In-building cell signal enhancements are only as effective as their installation. When we deploy a cellular enhancement or ERRCS system at your property, our innovative and dependable installation processes will make clear why we’ve become the nation’s most trusted and highly recommended DAS (Distributed Antenna System) installation companies.

With our vast experience across industries like healthcare, industrial, hospitality, multifamily, and general commercial spaces, Illuminati Labs has the cross-disciplinary knowledge and expertise necessary to guarantee your signal repeater installation progresses flawlessly. We go out of our way to avoid disrupting the day-to-day affairs of your guests, tenants, staff or residents because we believe our installation should be a simple, straightforward experience for you and everyone at your property.

Thorough site surveys and analysis lay the groundwork for dependable cellular DAS installations

Our installs are predicated on knowing and understanding the full RF environment so we can build solutions that address the specific needs of the property.

Illuminati Labs uses state-of-the-art technology, including the industry-leading PCTEL SeeHawk system, to perform a detailed site survey of your property, which ensures we know exactly what issues our best-in-class DAS integrator field teams will face when deploying, commissioning, and managing your DAS installations.

We are dedicated to peerless service.

Illuminati Labs is committed to being the best contractor you have ever hired.  Not just the best DAS integrator, but the best contractor, period.

We achieve this by upholding our deeply-held values throughout every signal repeater installation:


  • We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it, for the price we agree on.
  • We have the courage to do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
  • The “good enough” solution is never good enough for us.  We persist until we find the BEST solution to your DAS installation issue.


  • Always together, never alone. Our diverse set of experiences and perspectives provide a uniquely strong support system among our DAS installers.


  • It isn’t “impossible” just because no one else has ever done it, we offer a strong support system for our DAS installers
  • There is always a solution.  Always.  We will either find it or build it.  
  • We are trailblazers on the DAS installation frontier.  Manufacturers seek our expertise about their products because we make their products perform far beyond their expectations.
  • We continually search for good ideas to adapt into great ideas for our signal repeater installations.

Effective Efficiency

  • We strive to achieve the perfect balance of quality and speed.
  • We operate at velocity, both mentally and physically, but never sacrifice our standards.

Pride in Workmanship

  • We take pride in our secret sauce: our unconventional methods and tools that allow us to achieve results that no other company can replicate.
  • We create the standards for our industry and then compete with ourselves to improve those standards.

In-Building Signal Repeater Installation FAQs

  1. Consultation: we’ll discuss your coverage problems/concerns and review your architectural plans to determine whether or not a site survey might be required. If it is, we come to your site and take readings of available signal strength inside and  outside the property. 
  2. Survey: We complete our survey by using a PCTel SeeHawk which is widely recognized as the most accurate and reliable test equipment for RF on the market. This survey will show what carriers and areas the signal is deficient for in the building.
  3. Proposal: We compile all the information on your site, including your budget, to create a proposed solution that will deliver the most bang for your buck. 
  4. Order: Once the proposal is approved and signed, we place your equipment order to begin the installation process.
  5. Schedule: At proposal signing, we contact your GC and/or ownership to coordinate schedules.
  6. Installation: We wire and install your cellular or ERRCS DAS system according to schedule. llluminati Labs strives to make our installations as seamless as possible. With no hyperbole, our teams believe in being the best on-site contractor you have ever worked with. Period. 
  7. Commission: This is the exciting part where we ensure that the system is working flawlessly.
  8. Report: We create a post-install heat map, similar to our initial survey. This mapping will show us the delta between the initial survey and the survey with a functioning cellular DAS system.
  9. Next Site: We partner with our clients and developers to help them on any subsequent projects, always working to make our project integration flawless.

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