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Hospitals require a greater level of critical communication than most industries: Medical workers and staff use cell phones to communicate with one another, to access clinical guidance materials and tools and to facilitate patient care. Patients and visitors use cell phones to keep in touch with loved ones and to continue to participate in their normal lives.

And because your medical records are now worth more to identity thieves than your credit card information, (fraudsters use this data to buy medical equipment or drugs), public hospitals are no longer allowed to have their credit card processors ride on the same network as their hospital records. This means they must use cellular networks to send/receive credit card information.

While cellular functionality is essential to keeping medical facilities operating smoothly, hospitals present unique challenges to cell reception due to lead-lined walls and equipment that runs on competing RF frequencies.

The Illuminati Labs solution ensures a completely network-safe deployment that creates absolutely zero interruption to the function of the hospital. Our solutions help create truly smart hospitals, reduce medical errors, improve quality of patient care, enhance efficiency and decrease costs.


CASE STUDY: Flagler Hospital | St. Augustine, FL

Flagler Hospital campus that had issues throughout every building due its location and concrete buildings.

Illuminati Labs was able to win their business based on price and performance of the system. The installation was completed rapidly and rolled out to all buildings and phases concurrently. Ultimately, this resulted in delivering a project that exceeded the client’s expectations and for less than the estimated cost.

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