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Illuminati Labs has completed multifamily projects across the United States to bring better cell coverage into every style of apartment building. We have been recognized for our work in high rises as well as large foot print low-rise buildings. 

The Illuminati Labs solution ensures that residents have complete connectivity through hallways and shared spaces, common area and amenity spaces, individual units and even underground garages. Our guarantee is complete connectivity.


Multifamily buildings that leverage the Illuminati Labs solution attract more tenants, retain more leases, and ensure a higher level of safety and security throughout the property.  

The COVID-19 pandemic solidly confirmed that cell service is now the "Fourth Utility" --  equally as essential as water, electricity and gas.  Property managers across the country agree that providing the ability for a resident to remain connected, for both data and voice, anywhere and any time is the new the bar for renter attractiveness. 

CASE STUDY:  The Urby  |  Jersey City, NJ

Ironstate's Urby development is a 70-story multifamily high rise that offers premium views of the water in a hugely popular area. When the building had issues with cell coverage throughout, Ironstate began evaluating options.  Illuminati Labs stood out based on compelling price and performance.


A trial system was originally contracted to evaluate the project, and soon after, Illuminati Labs was asked to deploy a permanent solution for the full building. The solution was featured in The New York Times (see article here) for project excellence and solution implementation.  


Read our field report: Topsy Turvy on Top of the Urby 




Office and commercial real estate spaces often have issues with cell coverage as their energy efficient standards don't allow cell signal to penetrate the building, and their dense user base can cause the network capacity to become overloaded. 


The Illuminati Labs solution has helped commercial spaces across the US retain tenants and increase building value by simply providing their buildings the connectivity today's business world demands. 


Our solutions are deployed with no impact to the day-to-day operations of the building, and ensure the commercial space is fully connected with voice/data/text capabilities for every carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) desired.

CASE STUDY: The Union | Dallas, TX

Red Development's The Union is a transformational mixed-use project that features Class A commercial office space, multifamily, and retail. 


Illuminati Labs delivered a solution to the entire property that brought seamless connectivity throughout both of the buildings. The cell enhancement system was a crucial piece of the building's technology package and allowed a multi-carrier solution to be available from day one for all commercial tenants. 

Read our field report:  Live-Work-Play (and never worry about your cell signal) at The Union in Dallas


Today's travelers require connectivity for more devices than ever and a successful property must ensure that cell connection is present not only in each guest's  room but throughout the building, particularly in conference and meeting spaces.

WiFi alone just isn't enough any more. Savvy guests know an open Wi-Fi network is unsafe and can easily be hacked so they strongly prefer a cell connection instead.

In a recent article, stated, "Flawless cellular connectivity is the key to five-star hotel service."  The Illuminati Labs solution will help to ensure that hotels are the highest reviewed, rated, and occupied properties in the area.

Many hotel chains have embraced this idea and taken cell service to the next level. Both Hilton and Starwood hotels offer digital keyless check-in and entry through their cell phone apps.  Loyal customers can now avoid annoying check-in lines by simply opening their hotel's app and gaining keyless entry to their rooms.  Clearly, this is only possible with strong and reliable cellular and data signal in the hotel.


CASE STUDY:  Hilton Garden Inn  |  Fort Walton Beach, FL

When the Hilton Garden Inn hotel opened, it faced major issues with cell coverage because the nearest cell towers were too far away to properly serve the energy-efficient luxury hotel.


Illuminati Labs immediately installed a solution -- without disruption to the hotel's guest or staff.  We deployed strong coverage throughout the entire property and ensured (well-deserved) fantastic customer reviews and ratings.  


Read our field report: How to Be Accommodating in a Hurricane 



Hospitals require a greater level of critical communication than most industries: Medical workers and staff use cell phones to communicate with one another, to access clinical guidance materials and tools and to facilitate patient care.  Patients and visitors use cell phones to keep in touch with loved ones and to continue to participate in their normal lives.


And because your medical records are now worth more to identity thieves than your credit card information, (fraudsters use this data to buy medical equipment or drugs), public hospitals are no longer allowed to have their credit card processors ride on the same network as their hospital records. This means they must use cellular networks to send/receive credit card information.


While cellular functionality is essential to keeping medical facilities operating smoothly, hospitals present unique challenges to cell reception due to lead-lined walls and equipment that runs on competing RF frequencies.


The Illuminati Labs solution ensures a completely network-safe deployment that creates absolutely zero interruption to the function of the hospital. Our solutions help create truly smart hospitals, reduce medical errors, improve quality of patient care, enhance efficiency and decrease costs.  


CASE STUDY:  Flagler Hospital  |  St. Augustine, FL

Flagler Hospital campus that had issues throughout every building due its location and concrete buildings. 

Illuminati Labs was able to win their business based on price and performance of the system. The installation was completed rapidly and rolled out to all buildings and phases concurrently.  Ultimately, this resulted in delivering a project that exceeded the client's expectations and for less than the estimated cost.   

Read our field report:  A Million Square Feet of Flagler Hospital  Has Flawless Cell Service 


When first responders enter a building during an emergency, it is critical that they are able to use their handheld two-way devices to connect. In buildings where the two-way signal is non-existent, ERRC (Emergency Responder Radio Communications) systems must be created and deployed to meet the municipality requirements. 


Our solutions to public safety are the most comprehensive on the market. We consult with local jurisdictions to see what is needed for that market, and provide a system that meets those exact requirements and is guaranteed to pass inspection. 


The Illuminati Labs solution for public safety is predicated on keeping buildings 100% safe and secure and ensuring that Fire Marshalls grant occupancy to the building. Our approach is cost effective, built around finding the perfect fit solution, and deployed completely headache free. 

CASE STUDY:  Viega Headquarters  |  Broomfield, CO

The Viega headquarters is an incredible, award-winning feat of design and construction. Illuminati Labs provided both cell enhancement and a public safety DAS/ERRC system for the project.


Installing both systems and using fiber connections through the building allowed for a high performing, fully connected system that is ready now and for the future. Because Illuminati Labs covered two buildings with one Life/Safety DAS system, Viega was able to achieve this at a fraction of the expected cost.

Read our field report:  DAS and Cell Boosters -- You Gotta Keep 'Em Separated



In many cases, industrial buildings will have employees and machines that need to connect to cellular networks in order to operate at maximum efficiency.  But industrial buildings have unique and sometimes complicated needs for cell coverage due to their construction, location and the facility's function.  


Illuminati Labs has served industrial customers by helping to understand what systems need connection, where coverage is deficient and deploying solutions to meet the exact needs of the property.


Industrial buildings that leverage the Illuminati Labs solutions have no interruptions to work flows, and can ensure that their technology investments are being used to full capacity. We have custom solutions for the challenging industrial environments, and can bring coverage to industrial buildings no matter how remote the building, or complex the environment. 

CASE STUDY:  Danone Foods  |  Louisville, CO

The Danone building is a large scale industrial facility with critical food processing functions. The building is filled with massive infrastructure including sterile and refrigerated rooms which cut

 cellular signal to zero. 

Illuminati Labs designed and built a solution to replace an existing (non-functioning) system. The solution was rolled out in a week with no impact to the critical functionality of the building and no contamination of sanitary conditions. 

Read our field report: Danone, World's Largest B-Corp, Gets Cell Enhancement

We provide solutions for projects of all sizes for clients from coast to coast and we are extremely proud to say they have given us an extraordinary, industry-leading NPS score of 80! 

Bobby H.

Director of Information Technology

I wanted to say thanks again for the work performed and I have heard positive feedback I wanted to share. Our facilities department has mentioned on a few occasions that the workmanship, cabling and termination points look awesome and it was all done to building spec.

I also heard from the nursing staff that the entire crew was professional and super attentive in the critical care areas. That was awesome to hear as so many times other work crews come through and do the work but do not pay close attention to the environment they are working in.


We are also getting positive feedback from our physicians and nursing staff; everyone throughout the Hospital is happy they get cellular service and Physicians aren’t in the parking lot doing service recovery on missed escalations and texts!


Anytime you guys need a customer reference, please feel free to use me as I would be happy to share the positive experience.


Jeff M.

Chief Engineer

“Very nice work. So far you’ve been able to resolve any problem presented. Happy customer here.  Keep up the good work!" 



Chief Engineer

"I shared your info with a buddy of mine that works IT in hospitals around the country. He has experienced issues with cell service at multiple properties that he has been at. 

I gave you guys high recommendations, as your system has worked wonders here!"



Regional Facilities Service Supervisor

"Awesome installation from start to finish!  Very clean and professional.  Outstanding customer service. Adam showed me the install items and explained in details how it worked. I can’t say enough about this provider!  I wish all of my vendors were like this!!!"


Tom S.

VP Development

Illuminati Labs completed cell repeater/boosters systems at the UG parking structures for both Vertis GH’s and Morada Plano to increase cell provider signals in these hard-to-reach areas. 


The system came in far more affordable than a full DAS system and seems to be performing quite well. 


His group was very professional and worked very efficiently with little to no supervision required in these operational properties. 


I would encourage you to reach out to him for like future project needs.


John H.

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

We've received nothing but positive reviews of the new cell repeater system!  Most of the folks have seen a 2-bar increase!


Billy F.

Project Executive

"Great group of people at Illuminati ... from initial survey to design, pricing and installation, the entire team was timely, effective and working with them was a joy.   Hats off the them for making a complex situation look simple!"


Sam R.

Systems Engineer

“The signal is great here now!  


People are looking at their phones and saying, 'Wow, this is great --  I can use my phone now.  What happened?' "

"I tell them, 'Illuminati Labs happened'."


Dan V.

Senior Account Mgr.

"We had a cell phone repeater system installed by Illuminati Labs and are very happy with the results. We have a 3-story, all Low-e glass building that was blocking out most of our cellular signals.  The installation process was quick and painless and now all cell phone carriers have service in the building -- that includes having over 280 employees using it at any one time."

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